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Three Generations of Edmund Weston Family

First Generation

1. Edmund, Sr. WESTON1 was born 1605 in England. He died after 2 Feb 1686 in probably Duxbury. His will was made in "Duxboro."

He was said to be a thrasher of grain when he lived in England.

In 1652, he was a surveyor of highways.

His name was frequently connected with public matters in town.

In the "History of Duxbury," Winsor says of Edmund Weston, " . . . as the enterprising ancestor of an enterprising family whose descendants have been numerous and most of them have resided in town."

Edmund, married prob. a DELANO about 1650 probably in Duxbury.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i. Edmond WESTON was born 1660 and died 23 Sep 1727, m. Rebecca Soule.

3 M ii. John WESTON.

4 M iii. Elnathan WESTON, m. Jane, a widow. They had three daughters, Mary m. Joseph Simons; Sary m. John Chandler; and Abigail.

5 F iv. Mary WESTON, m. John DELANO

Second Generation

2. Edmund WESTON2 (Edmund, Sr.1) was born 1660 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA. He died 23 Sep 1727 in Plympton, intestate.

Edmund married Rebecca SOULERef:1,2 on 13 Dec 1688 in Plymouth. Rebecca was born 4 Oct 1659 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA. Rebecca was the daughter of John Soule and Rebecca Simmons. She died 18 Nov 1732 in Plympton, MA.

They had the following children:

+ 5 M i. Zachariah, Sr., WESTON was born 16 Dec 1690 and died 27 Sep 1763.

+ 6 M ii. Nathan WESTON was born 8 Feb 1688/1689 and died 11 Oct 1754.

7 F iii. Rebecca WESTON was born 31 Jul 1693 in Plymouth. Rebecca married Thomas DARLING.

8 M iv. John WESTON was born 27 Jul 1695 in Plymouth. John married (1) Content JACKSON. John married (2) Deborah DELANO.

9 M v. Edmund (3) WESTON was born 21 Oct 1697 in Plymouth. Edmund married (1) Susannah JACKSON. Edmund married (2) Elizabeth SMITH.

10 M vi. Benjamin WESTON was born 16 Nov 1701 in Plymouth. Benjamin married (1) Hannah COMER. Benjamin married (2) Phillimona JONES. Benjamin married (3) Mercy S. LOBELL.

Third Generation

5. Zachariah, WESTON3 (Edmund2, Edmund1) was born 16 Dec 1690 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. He died 27 Sep 1763 in Plympton.

Zachariah, married Mehitable SHAW on 20 Jun 1717 in Plympton, MA. Mehitable was born 12 Jan 1693/1694 in Plympton, Plymouth Co., MA. She died after 1763 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co., MA.

They had the following children:

+ 11 M i. James WESTON was born 31 Oct 1723 and died 26 Oct 1786.

12 M ii. Jonathan WESTON was born 1717.

13 M vi. Zachariah (2) WESTON, Jr., was born 1719 in Middleboro. He died before 1728 in Middleboro.

14 F iii. Mehitable WESTON was born before 1727.

+ 15 M iv. Zachariah(2) WESTON was born 21 Dec 1728 and died 9 Apr 1794.

16 F v. Rebecca WESTON was born after 1729.


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2. New Braintree Deaths, p. 160.

If you believe you are one of James Weston's descendants, you may request a free lookup at the DAR web site.

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